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'Islands of Sun and Ice' Exhibition November 2011

at the Gallery of the Botanical Gardens, Edgbaston, Birmingham

November saw the opening of Stephen’s second major solo Exhibition in his home city of Birmingham which was the culmination of fifteen months of hard work and extensive planning. Entitled “Islands of Sun and Ice”, it comprised thirty four new and original artworks. These included three very impressive LARGE watercolour paintings - 'Donald's Agapanthus', 'Our Beach' and 'Golf Club Balcony View' - which were more than double the size of his usual works. There was also a large selection of paintings done on Scilly, although, sadly, Stephen wasn't able to paint on all of the other islands this time.

The smallest section of the Exhibition was five vibrant and dramatic small ink sketches that Stephen did during a three week holiday in Iceland in November 2010 - hence "Islands of Sun and Ice". Incredibly, two of these sketches were done out of doors in sub zero November temperatures so they are truly 'en plein air'. One of them, painted overlooking Tjornin (the lake in the centre of Reyjkavik) in falling snow features an unintended but interesting crystal snow sky effect on the paper!

During the Opening Weekend, four watercolour paintings and six of the ink sketches were sold and several works left the Exhibition immediately with their purchasers. The last full day of the Exhibition was Thursday 24th November before it was dismantled and removed on Friday 25th November. Please contact us directly for further information about the remaining paintings.

Click here to view the "Islands of Sun and Ice" Slideshow

All the original paintings in the Exhibition are now sold. They are available as high quality giclee prints in two sizes from our online shop or direct from Glandore Gallery. The original ink sketches done in Iceland are all sold and there are no prints available of these - sorry.

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