Stephen Morris original watercolours and Fine Art prints

"Tower of Pebbles" by Stephen Morris
High Quality Giclee Print

personally produced IN HOUSE by Stephen Morris at Glandore Gallery

Full size print - image approximately nine and three quarter inches wide by twenty six and three quarter inches high
Price: £40.00 (GBP 40)
Half size print - image approximately five and three quarter inches wide by fifteen and three quarter inches high
Price: £20.00 (GBP 20)

Tower of Pebbles, St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly

Pure watercolour (with sand)

Original painting
27 1/4 inches tall x 9 3/4 inches wide.

This was painted in June 2006. If you visit St Agnes take a look at the pebble “installations” on the west side between Pereglis and St Warna’s Cove. The stones they are made with are beautiful and varied in colour and texture. People have made remarkably stable towers and other designs out of them. I think they are great and intend to paint them again. This particular tower was on its own below the campsite. It was over a metre high and the rock at the base was reached at high tide. It seemed quite strong and is probably still there!