Stephen Morris original watercolours and Fine Art prints

"Terry's Cottage" by Stephen Morris
High Quality Giclee Print

personally produced IN HOUSE by Stephen Morris at Glandore Gallery

Full size print - image approximately twenty six and a quarter inches wide by nine and a half inches tall
Price: £40.00 (GBP 40)
Half size print - image approximately sixteen and three quarter inches wide by five and three quarter inches tall
Price: £20.00 (GBP 20)

Terry's Cottage, Hugh Town, St. Marys, Isles of Scilly

Pure watercolour

Original painting
27 3/4 inches wide x 9 7/8 inches tall

Painted by the Atlantic Slipway in August 2003. This was a commissioned painting (I donít do commissions now), for Liz Parsons. It was a surprise birthday present for her husband Terry. Fortunately he did not recognise me in my disguise! On the large print, if you look carefully, Terry can just be seen outside his cottage amongst the Agapanthus flowers.