Stephen Morris original watercolours and Fine Art prints

"Longstone Anchor" by Stephen Morris
High Quality Giclee Print

personally produced IN HOUSE by Stephen Morris at Glandore Gallery

Full size print - image approximately nine and three quarter inches wide by twenty six and a half inches high
Price: 40.00 (GBP 40)
Half size print - image approximately five and three quarter inches wide by fifteen and three quarter inches high
Price: 20.00 (GBP 20)

Longstone Anchor, St. Marys, Isles of Scilly

Watercolour with a little pastel

Original painting
26 1/2 inches tall x 9 3/4 inches wide.

This was painted in the Summer of 2005 in the private garden at Longstone. Rising out of the ground like a stag beetle amongst the yellow wild pineapple weed is an old rusty anchor . I loved its orange colour and the texture of the metal which I tried to represent with pastel under the paint.