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Stephen Morris Original Ink Sketches

A selection of acrylic ink sketches on 280 gsm Bristolboard. All these sketches have been done out-of-doors directly in front of the scene being captured. They are painted in a loose freehand style, using washes, delicate brushstrokes and some with ink applied directly from the dropper bottle, softened with a touch of water.

SIZES: Acrylic ink sketches are approximately seven and a half inches by seventeen inches, in either landscape or portrait formats.

Slideshow Instructions - please click on the first image which will start a slideshow of larger images displaying all the ink sketches in sequence. Each slide gives the title of the ink sketch, if sold or unsold and the price of the framed ink sketch (if still available). There are controls beneath each slide which allow you to pause, stop, advance or reverse the slideshow if wished. Please note that running the slideshow entails the download of some larger images (about 2mb in total) so it may seem a bit slow the first time.

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