Original Watercolours by
   Stephen Morris   

June 2003 at St. Marys Hall Hotel, St. Marys, Isles of Scilly.

A First Exhibition of Original Watercolour Paintings
by Stephen Morris

The sixteen paintings that were in the Exhibition are displayed below. Please click on a painting to view a larger image. Please note that all these paintings are now sold but fine art prints are available of

Seaways Echiums, Porthcressa Palms and Mesembryanthemum Wall.

Special thanks go to Mary and John Nicholls of St. Marys Hall Hotel for hosting this first Exhibition.

Seaways Echiums, St. Marys.

Porthcressa Cottages, St. Marys.

Porthcressa Palms, St. Marys.

Sharks Pit Pebbles in Winter
St. Marys.

Mesembryanthemum Wall,
St. Marys.

Corn Marigolds and Penninnis Light, St. Marys.

"Should we cross?" Tolls Island, St. Marys.

Garrison Bluebells,
St. Marys.

Humphrey's Onions
The Garrison, St. Marys.

Morning Boats
from Newfort
St. Marys.

Evening Harbour, St. Marys.

Honeysuckle Jungle at Sunset, St. Marys.

Steps to 'Chimneys', St. Agnes.

Wildflower Meadow with Ennor Castle,
St. Marys.

Penninnis Morning Heather, St. Marys.

May Blossom
at Mount Todden
St. Marys.
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