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Glandore Gallery - Stephen Morris - Exhibition Birmingham 2009
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Agave Panorama from Old Town Churchyard, St. Marys, Isles of Scilly

"Agave Panorama from Old Town Churchyard", St. Marys, Isles of Scilly.

Artist: Stephen Morris

Watercolour with some pastel.

Original painting approx 9 wide inches by 27 inches tall.


"This panorama was painted in the spring of 2008 in Old Town Churchyard. One of the little discovered gems of St Marys. The morning light is wonderful from here. I am looking east, beyond the airport is the mainland. I painted this in Spring 2008 at the same time as " Robin and Agave " and is the same view but in landscape."

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Also available as a giclee print

(printed on smooth fine art paper with high quality inks):

Full size print image 27 x 9 inches (approx). Price 40 (40 GBP)

Half size print image 15 x 5 inches (approx). Price 20 (20 GBP)


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