Glandore Access Statement

Updated on Monday 6th May 2019

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Glandore Apartments Home

Access to both Glandore Gallery and Glandore Apartments is through the garden, either up the short drive and across the circular concrete turning circle or through the large wooden gate leading onto the sandy beach path. The entrance to the building consist of two flights of concrete steps with a large flat area half way up approximately 5ft by 6ft where the steps turn at right angles to approach the main door and another flat area about 5ft square in front of the main door. The first flight consists of nine steps 5ft 4" wide, 7" high and 10" deep and the second flight is four steps of the same dimensions. There are wooden hand rails on both sides. The door is hinged on the right and opens outwards (towards you). It is a heavy wooden door with a large stained glass panel and has an assisted closer. The main front door opens into a large glazed entrance hall (approximately 12 ft by 6ft) giving access straight ahead into Glandore Gallery. The entrance hall has thick coir mat flooring.

PLEASE NOTE that, due to the structure of the building, the Gallery and Apartments are not suitable for people of very limited physical mobility due to steps and thresholds. Regretfully, there is NO ground floor access to either the Gallery or the two Apartments on the second and third floors.

Glandore Apartments Access Statement

PLEASE NOTE: the following information applies to Glandore Apartments ONLY

Slippen is a ground floor apartment for two people

Serica is a second floor apartment for two people

Golden Eagle is a second/third floor apartment for two/three people


  • We have a comprehensive website including images of the apartments and a vacancy list for the current year
  • Booking/enquiries can be made by telephone or email (we do not have a fax)
  • There is no railway station actually on the Isles of Scilly - the nearest station is Penzance on the UK mainland.
  • Transport to the islands is to St. Marys Airport where the Isles of Scilly Skybus land and St. Marys Harbour where RMV Scillonian III docks.
  • The nearest bus stop (on the round-the-island bus route) is at Rosehill, about quarter of a mile from Glandore.
  • Several taxi services (offering cars and minibuses) operate from both the Airport and the Harbour or can be reached by telephone.
  • The nearest RADAR toilet is in Hugh Town, behind Park House Old Folks Home, about a mile from Glandore.
  • When we receipt the balance of your booking, we also enclose a form for advance grocery orders. These mainly consist of basic breakfast groceries such as bread, milk, butter, eggs, bacon, cereal, tea, coffee etc. This is an additional service that we offer our guests to make their first day on Scilly as easy as possible. We purchase the groceries and place them in your apartment on the day of your arrival. Please note that groceries are charged at cost.

Arrival and Car Parking Facilities:

There is no 'drive on-drive off' car ferry to the Isles of Scilly so it is extremely rare that visitors bring their cars to the islands.

Visitors travel to the islands by Skybus (plane) or RMV Scillonian III (boat).

Glandore is about a mile from St. Marys Airport where Isles of Scilly Skybus are based and about a mile from St. Marys Harbour where the Scillonian III docks.

Taxis and minibuses bring guests into our drive and stop on the turning circle which is level flat concrete. It is approximately 15 yards to the bottom of our entrance steps along a flat concrete path about 4ft wide.

The entrance to the building consists of two flights of concrete steps with a large flat area half way up approximately 5ft by 6ft where the steps turn at right angles to approach the main door and another flat area about 5ft square in front of the main door. The first flight consists of nine steps 5ft 4" wide, 7" high and 10" deep. There are wooden hand rails on both sides. The door is hinged on the right and opens outwards. It is a heavy wooden door with a large stained glass panel and has an assisted closer.

Main Entrance and Public Areas

The main front door of the building opens into an entrance hall (approximately 12 ft by 6ft). Straight ahead is the door leading to Glandore Gallery while to the right is an inward opening door (effectively the front door to the apartments and owners accommodation) which leads into a further inner L shaped corridor. The corridor flooring consists of large cream marble-textured tiles with a non-slip surface and there is a large square coir mat just inside the entrance door. The main stairs up to the apartments are 33 inches wide, fully flat carpeted with short pile carpet. The stairs have a handrail on the left mounted flush with the wall and a freestanding oak balustrade with handrail to the right. Both handrails are at a height of 33 inches. Six steps lead to three triangular corner steps giving a 90 degree turn half way up onto a 3ft square landing, another 90 degree turn and then two straight steps.

At the top of the stairs is a small lobby (approx 5ft 6" by 33") with short pile carpet, a wood panelled wall to height of handrail on left 33 inches and a magnolia painted wall up to a white ceiling. Directly in front is the door for Serica apartment which is a solid wood fire door (very heavy) has an assisted closer and opens away from you. To the right is the door for Golden Eagle apartment which is also a solid wood fire door (very heavy) has an assisted closer and opens away from you.

* * * * * * * * * *


This is a spacious ground floor apartment with separate entrance from a concreted garden path where the door has a threshold about six inches high. From the entrance door into the kitchen there is another door leading to a large sitting/dining room and a further door through to a large bedroom with ensuite shower/toilet and a walk-in wardrobe. The sitting/dining room has four metre wide bifold doors opening out onto a private paved patio and garden. There is a six inch high threshhold to step over to access the patio from the sitting/dining room. There is also a four inch step down from the paved patio area onto the grass. However, the grass and patio are also accessible by a level paved concrete pathway from the entrance door round the side of the kitchen.


This is a small apartment, all on one floor, comprising kitchen/lounge/dining area and a separate bedroom with shower. Sliding double glazed patio windows open from the bedroom onto a balcony. To access the balcony, there is a twelve inch wide and six inch high white painted wooden threshhold to step over from the bedroom. On the other side, the balcony is about two inches lower, making an eight inch threshhold to step over on the way back into the bedroom.

Golden Eagle

This is a larger apartment and comprises two floors. The sitting room and kitchen/diner are on one floor (this is the second floor). The sitting room has French doors out onto a large balcony. There is a six inch step over from the sitting room onto the balcony itself. There are two short flights of stairs to the third floor. One is eight straight steps and two triangular corner steps to a landing approximately 3ft x 3ft half way up followed by one of seven straight steps to the top lobby which is approximately 6ft x 8ft. A large bedroom opens off the landing to the left and a smaller single bedroom opens off the landing the right together with a bathroom which has a sunken bath (see Bathrooms section below). All three rooms plus landing have sloping ceilings.

* * * * * * * * * *


All three apartments have wall mounted radiators with thermostatic controls which are part of the main building's central heating system. This is supplemented by additional electric convector heating in the form of decorative electric fires in all three lounges. The bedrooms in Slippen and Serica also have wall mounted electric heaters as supplementary heating to their radiators. The two third floor bedrooms in Golden Eagle are not served by the main central heating system (they are too far from the ground floor central heating boiler) so they have wall mounted electric convector heaters with timer controls for convenience. All three apartment bathrooms also have electric heated towel rails and Slippen also has a wall mounted towel radiator which is part of the central heating system.


Serica and Golden Eagle have bespoke kitchens with light maple wood units, light maple engineered wood flooring, blue-grey composite worktops and independent over-worktop lighting. They each have a black glass ceramic hob, a below-counter built-in electric oven and grill and a counter-top level built-in microwave oven. Slippen has a plain gloss white kitchen with pale grey composite worktops, light wood laminate flooring and independent over-worktop lighting. It has a black glass ceramic hob, below-counter built-in electric oven and grill and a countertop microwave oven. There is a separate under counter fridge, freezer, dishwasher and washer-dryer in each apartment. Crockery is stored in eye level cupboards and cutlery in drawers below tables or countertops. Sinks are equipped with ceramic single action mixer taps and water is thermostatically controlled. Manuals for all equipment are kept in a blue plastic box folder for guest reference.


Serica has a small bathroom comprising shower with bifold safety glass door, wall-mounted handbasin and wall-mounted pushbutton flush toilet (no bath). The floor is light blue non-slip slightly textured vinyl and the walls are sunshine yellow. The edge of the shower tray is virtually level with the floor of the bathroom with just a one inch aluminium sliding channel to step over to access the shower. Golden Eagle has a large bathroom with plain white walls and ceiling and beige/brown tiled vinyl on the floor. The bottom of the bath is set about six inches below floor level, necessitating a step over the edge and down into the bath, with corresponding step over the edge and up to floor level when getting out. There is also a sloping ceiling above the bath but it is above head-height (unless very tall). Slippen has a spacious bathroom with toilet, washbasin and very large easy-access shower. The shower is virtually flush with the floor and has 3ft high safety glass double doors and full-length shower curtains. The shower itself is serviced by a specialist wall-mounted pump to take the water away to the drainage system. The walls are white and there is a golden-brown specialist non-slip surface on the floor.


Each apartment is equipped with a Vodafone mobile telephone and charger. Vodafone is the main mobile phone network that covers the islands along with EE. Both now offer 3G and 4G services on the islands as from summer 2016. Some other networks have intermittent service and should not be relied upon for important calls. A landline telephone is available in the Gallery office on the first floor for emergency calls if required.

Grounds and Garden

The grounds are mainly laid to grass with a central concrete drive and a concrete path leading to the main steps of the house. There is a paved patio area (two small wide steps up to access) equipped with table and chairs (a parasol and seat cushions are available). A rotary dryer in the garden is available for outdoor drying of laundry by guests and peg baskets are provided in the apartments. Please note that some areas of the garden are private and marked as such. There are also greenhouses and vegetable gardens within the garden for the owners. Slippen has its own garden with lawn and flowerbeds and a natural stone paved patio with table and chairs and a built-in stone barbecue. It also has access through a side gate to a rotary dryer for sole use of this apartment.

Fire and Safety

Glandore is COMPLETELY NON SMOKING IN ALL AREAS and is fully equipped with a fire alarm system, fire extinguishers, fire bells, emergency lights, clearly marked escape routes and fire call points. The system is regularly serviced and inspected as per our fire safety policy, a copy of which can be found in the Information Folders in both apartments.

We regret that we do not take dogs in the apartments but make exception for service dogs with advance notice.

The proprietors live on the premises and are almost always available should guests have any questions or problems. Their accommodation is on the ground and first floor.