Stephen Morris, Artist on the Isles of Scilly

Isles of Scilly

Art Friendly Holidays and Short Breaks

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Winter Holidays and Short Art Breaks

No, Scilly doesn't close in the winter but it does go into a form of semi-hibernation.

Yes, there are boats still running! Although most of the boats of the St Marys Boatmen's Association are laid up during the winter months, one or two independent operators keep their boats in the water over winter. Their website can be found here: St Mary's Boatmen's Association. Pubs like the 'Bishop and Wolf' and 'The Mermaid' remain open all year. Some of the cafes and restaurants on St Mary's open for limited hours during the winter months (Strudel in Town and Strudel up Country, Dibble & Grub, Kavorna,Tanglewood). The Golf Club remains open for the winter for island golfers but the restaurant has more limited opening hours. The Community Bus does not run in the winter but there are still taxis servicing the airport and private hire cars running taxi services. The Tourist Information Centre may open for limited hours and can be contacted by telephone at 01720 424 031.