Stephen F. Morris   

original watercolour paintings and Fine Art Prints

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High Quality Giclee Prints

taken from Original Watercolour Paintings by Stephen Morris

Each original watercolour painting is carefully and meticulously photographed by Sandra Gibson of the famous island family of photographers The Gibsons of Scilly and the images transferred to CD. Stephen then takes great care balancing and resizing the image to ensure it is as close as he can possibly manage to the original watercolour, printing out several proofs until he is satisfied with the quality of the image. Only then does he give his final approval for the image to be produced as a high quality giclee print for Glandore Gallery.

Technical Information about our High Quality Giclee Prints
Our prints are produced to exacting (artist-led) quality control standards
IN-HOUSE on our own

Epson 4800 Stylus Professional printer


Epson Smooth Fine Art Paper (225gsm)
Professional Media

combined with

Epson UltraChrome K3 8-colour ink system
offering estimated lightfastness up to 75 years

Reference: Wilhelm Research: Epson Pro 4800 Print Permanence Ratings
Reference: Epson UK: Why buy genuine Epson Inks?
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Glandore Gallery
featuring artwork taken from original watercolour paintings
of landscapes on Scilly and wildflowers by