Stephen Morris original artwork

"Either Side of Winter" Artist: Stephen Morris
"Time" Exhibition at 44AD Gallery, Bath, UK, November 2021

Watercolour painting on paper | Dimensions: approx 36 inches wide by 29 inches tall | 800 (GBP 800)

This is an ink painting started in early winter 2017. This viewpoint is on the east of St Marys, overlooking Pelistry beach and Toll's Island, which is connected by a sand bar at low tide. I like the ambiguity of a sand bar, whether the tide is going in or out alters your view of whether it's an island. "Shall we cross, should we cross?" A wrong decision could maroon you for a few hours! These "sliding doors" scenarios and the smallest choices we make can affect our lives, setting us on an alternative timeline. Do both realities exist?
I didn't finish it that year, because the light had changed, so I waited until ... the other side of winter ... when the afternoon sun had returned to the same place in the sky.
By then, storms had felled the tree on the right so I left it partly transparent to signify its passing.

Either Side of Winter by Stephen Morris