Stephen Morris original artwork

"Autumn Honeysuckle" Artist: Stephen Morris
"Time" Exhibition at 44AD Gallery, Bath, UK, November 2021

Watercolour painting on paper | Dimensions: approx 36 inches tall by 29 inches wide | 1200 (GBP 1200)

This is one of my old watercolours, painted at least 10 years ago. I've been keeping it for an occasion such as "Time". It shows the Iron Age settlement at Bant's Carn on St Marys. Once it was at the head of a valley overlooking fields, where the inhabitants grew crops. At the top of the old village is the base of a mortar and pestle used for grinding grain and maybe medicines. It looks like they've just left it. Above the village is a much earlier Bronze Age burial mound. They look similar at first glance, yet almost the same time period separates each of those ages from us. I like to sit there and imagine how life was. What will this view look like in another 2000 years? Will someone sit where I sat and wonder the same?

Autumn Honeysuckle by Stephen Morris