Stephen Morris original artwork

"Agapanthus Blooming" Artist: Stephen Morris
"Time" Exhibition at 44AD Gallery, Bath, UK, November 2021

Watercolour painting on paper | Dimensions: approx 36 inches wide by 29 inches tall | 1000 (GBP 1000)

This is one of a pair of large watercolours, painted in Summer 2021. A garden escapee, most visitors abiding memory of Scilly during the school summer holiday are swathes of this beautiful blue, seeming to reflect the summer seas. I don't remember many here in my youth but now they are ubiquitous. Life competes and the strong survive. On Scilly, we've given this particular species a helping hand. This shows the agapanthus bud growing, and finally bursting. All that pent up energy! As it grows and opens, the colours on the petals develop and the flowers attract bees and other pollinators. I like the bees, they are essential to our life on this planet. Painted over a month, this is almost the life span of a worker bee.
Time is relative.

Agapanthus Blooming by Stephen Morris