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Stephen F. Morris, Isles of Scilly, Artist Statement


I am fortunate to live and work in the beautiful Isles of Scilly where the light is strong and full of the colour that I like to put into my paintings. Although my gallery is only yards from the beach, I prefer to paint outside from life, as I feel this best captures the emotion and atmosphere I try to convey. I also frequently use beach material mixing the media with pastel and paint, for added colour and texture.

I usually work in watercolour, but in more recent paintings, I've taken to using inks, painting without pencil work or the use of brushes. I work on stretched paper mixing the inks and applying them directly to the paper with droppers and a water spray.

When this (somewhat difficult!) technique works, I find it conveys more of the emotion and freedom of expression that I want to portray. These paintings are more impressionistic and less detailed than my watercolours. However I enjoy them equally.